X-Ray examinations

X-Rays are a type of rays that are not found in nature and are created by an X-Ray device.


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Purpose of the examination
The goal of the examination is, to obtain an image of possible anomalies of the skeleton, the respiratory tract, and/or the abdominal organs.

The examination
We ask you to report at the Mitralis Diagnostic Centre reception at the agreed time. Afterwards, you will be able to take a seat in the waiting area until the X-Ray lab assistant takes you to the examination room. For the examination, you will need to remove all clothing from the part of your body that is to be examined. You may leave your pants on.

You will also be required to remove any jewellery, piercings, bras and other objects that contain metal and that are on or near the part of your body that will be examined. From the changing room, you will be able to enter the examination room.

Depending on the examination, the lab assistant will ask you to sit in a certain position or to lie down. The lab assistant will operate a light field on the X-Ray device to calibrate the device. If the recording is made in the area of your lungs or diaphragm, the lab assistant will ask you to breathe in or out and to then hold your breath. Do not move while the recording is made, as this could cause the image to go blurry.

Potential pregnancy
If a woman capable of bearing children needs an X-Ray, which requires the uterus to be directly exposed to the rays (e.g. a recording of abdomen, pelvis, lower back), then it is necessary to first ensure that she is not pregnant.

You are required to declare a possible pregnancy yourself, but the radiological staff will also enquire about this. If it is unclear whether a woman is pregnant, the examination will be postponed until this is clarified. If it is not possible to reschedule the examination, the woman will be treated as if she were pregnant. The radiologist will discuss this with your doctor.

If patients are older, have specific needs or are children, it might be necessary for the family or any other care person is present during the examination. Are you a care person and potentially pregnant? In this case it is possible that you might not be able to attend the examination. In this case, please try to organise for someone else to accompany the patient.

Dit moet U weten.

  • This examination takes only 10 minutes.
    Please report to our reception and take a seat in the waiting room, where you will be picked up within a few minutes. From then on, the examination will only take 10 more minutes.
  • Metallic objects
    It is important that you are not wearing any metallic objects, such as piercings, jewellery or dentures during the examination.
  • How to act during pregnancy
    A pregnancy needs to be reported before the examination. Your doctor will then decide, if and how the examination will be carried out.

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