We are Mitralis DC.

Mitralis Diagnostic Centre is an initiative created by the radiology partnership of the former Atrium MC hospital, now Zuyderland Medical Centre in Heerlen and belongs to the Mitralis Zuyderland clinics.

Our radiologists, lab assistants and administrative staff aim to offer good diagnostic tools that are quick and accessible and deliver a quick result.

We would like to know how you experience the quality and safety of our organization. Share it with us and fill in the Patient satisfaction survey. We will provide it to you after your examination. You can fill in the survey in writing or digital. Do you have any questions, comments or complaints? Send us a message.

By planning to carry these examinations out at Mitralis, some strain is taken off the hospital. This is why there are shorter waiting times for radiological examinations by the polyclinics, the specialist doctors at the hospital and you as a patient who has been referred by your GP.

If some after-treatment is necessary, the Mitralis Diagnostic Centre will be able to arrange this promptly due to the good communication with the medical centre Zuyderland.

Our mission
The carrying out of a qualitative, effective and efficient imaging diagnosis and reporting about the indication of the referring doctor in order to improve the patient’s quality of life. Mitralis DC focuses on requests from the first line, supplemented by the second line and through third parties.

Our vision
The indication and request of the referring physician are the focus. Doctors, customers and health insurance providers are guaranteed high quality and service at a competitive price. Mitralis offers a variety of radiological examinations whose images and reports are digitally available to all partners in the care chain.

With personal attention to the patient and high service and high quality, Mitralis DC is different from its competitors.

To work at Mitralis Diagnostic Center means to work with people.

Quality and patient satisfaction are of the highest priority for us. This is why your opinion is very important to us and an important indicator of the quality of our services. Every month, we ask around 100 patients to complete an extensive survey. We want to monitor and improve our services using your feedback. You may also request a feedback form at reception if you would like to leave us some feedback. We really value your opinion!

  • Mitralis employs professionals
    Our team consists of highly qualified radio diagnostic lab assistants, radiologists and administrative staff. Through basic and further training, we ensure that we are always up to date on our knowledge.
  • The most modern equipment
    Mitralis Diagnostic Center works with the newest equipment. For you as a patient, this means that you will receive a better diagnosis and less radiation.
  • Mitralis guarantees quality and security
    Quality and security are pioneers in our business. Our patients are always at the centre of our attention. This is why we are NIAZ certificated sinds April 2019.
Good reception and clear information during the ultrasound, friendly staff!

Ria from Kerkrade

I am very satisfied. The staff are friendly and take the time to explain everything clearly. Hopefully I will be referred here again!

Peter from Heerlen


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To book an appointment, you can call us on 045 – 8 200 100 (Mo. to Fri. 8AM – 5PM).


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