A DEXA-Scan is an examination, which determines the amount of calcium in your bones. The determined amount of calcium is compared to average amounts for your age and gender.


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Purpose of the examination

A DEXA-Scan can be used to find out if you suffer from osteoporosis. The amount of calcium in your bones may differ from the average amount expected for your age and gender due to the use of medication or genetic factors. This decalcification of the bones can make them „brittle“, which enhances your risk of bone fractures or a collapse of your vertebrae.

The examination
Usually, a measurement will be taken from your lower vertebrae as well as your left hip. During the examination, you will be lying on your back on an examination table. You will not be inside a tunnel. A scanner arm, which is connected to a computer, will move across the measurable area and emits a minimum amount of radiation. It is important that you do not move during the examination. Each measurement takes about 2 to 3 minutes. The entire examination will take around 15 minutes and is not painful.

Dexa Preparation
Prior to the examination, you may eat and drink like normal. If you take any medication, you may take this as well. We are not able to do an examination if you have had an X-Ray of your stomach or intestines with a contrast agent done a few days previously. In this event, please contact the Mitralis Diagnostic Centre via phone in order to receive further information.

You will be asked to remove any clothing containing metal for the examination. This includes clothes with zippers, press studs, hooks, bras and corsets. You will usually be able to keep one any clothing that does not contain metal. You will not have to remove jewellery.

The results
Within 24 hours of the examination, a radiologist will check the data and create a report. This report will be sent to the applicant (in most cases, this will be your GP). You must consult with your doctor or GP to determine whether you can make an appointment to discuss the results.

What you should know.

  • This examination will take around 15 minutes.
    The examination is not painful and relatively quick.
  • You will not have to prepare anything in advance.
    You may eat and drink like normal prior to the examination. We will ask you to remove any clothing containing metal before the examination.  
  • Did you have an X-Ray the days before this examination which contrast agent was administered?
    In this case you will not be able to have the examination. Please contact us for further information.

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